All new volunteers must be 18 years old and up to volunteer at the MKOC shelter.  Please attend an orientation session before you volunteer.  Volunteer Orientation Sessions to be held on the third Sunday of every month at 4PM at the MKOC shelter.  


Also, please email dcastillo4@yahoo.com to let us know you're coming so we have an idea of how many will be in attendance.

Orientation will consist of a tour, a brief presentation about volunteer opportunities/tasks as well as shifts you may choose from.  Sessions will last about an hour.


The shelter at 300 South Woodrow Lane is open seven days a week.  Shift duties have changed.  Please review the duties for each shift and then sign up to volunteer using our Signup page here, or by clicking the button below. 

1-5 a.m. 

Eliminate Front Desk Assistant since we no longer have that position.

Volunteer Office Assistant will oversee clients sleeping and monitor video cameras. Volunteer will inform the security officer if assistance is needed. 


7-9 a.m. 

Morning Assistant will be present in the Volunteer Office from 7-8 am to dispense needed hygiene items and return clients’ phones charged overnight. Volunteer will lock the Volunteer Office door at 8 am; then oversee clients completing their chores and clean up coffee room from 8-9 am. (x2)


6-9 p.m. 

Kitchen Assistant will complete needed preparations for the meal to be served, serve the meal (7-8:30 pm), clean-up and set up coffee supplies for morning (8:30-9 pm). (x3)

Volunteer Office Assistant will dispense towels, hygiene items, bedding bags, water bottles, etc. as directed, and oversee phone charging station. 


9-11 p.m.

Volunteer Office Assistant will dispense towels, hygiene items, etc. until 10:30 pm. Volunteer will clean-up/organize the Volunteer Office, as needed, from 10:30-11 pm.


I​f you have any questions or concerns call Volunteer Coordinator, Terri Reeves at (940) 367-3368.

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