Hi guys,

I’m reaching out on behalf of the shelter in anticipation of the Christmas holiday (look at us being proactive)! With the Monsignor King Outreach Center being open on a continuous basis for several days, including Christmas and Christmas Eve, it becomes imperative that we have enough food on hand to make and provide meals for anywhere from 80-100 people. If what they say is true we’re in for some cold and rainy days this holiday season and I couldn’t imagine getting through them without some comfort food. If you’d consider making either a monetary or food donation we’d be very thankful. Additionally if you know of any restaurants that would be willing to help us out during that time we’d appreciate that as well. We are mostly in need of the following items:

-Hamburger meat

-Chicken breasts


-Large cans of vegetables

If you’re able to help with any of these items, please contact Krys Murray @ 972-400-8851 to arrange your donations.

Thank you all!