MKOC ShelterIt’s official! As of last Friday the buildings at 300 Woodrow will no longer be the former animal shelter, but herein called the future home of the Monsignor King Outreach Center! The journey to our new home has been a long and sometimes trying path, however, the future is filled with hope and excitement.

Before we turn our full focus on the future plans, the board of directors and I would like to recognize those who were instrumental in getting the MKOC to this point.

We would like to thank the staff and parishioners of Immaculate Conception Church for taking Monsignor King’s vision and making it a reality. Emilio Gonzales inspired many of us through his work and passion to shelter the homeless.

We thank all of the places which provided us temporary buildings over the years, including ICC, Denton Bible and Visions.

Thank you to Betty Kay, our tireless Executive Director, whose strength and compassion over the years is astounding.

Thank you to the restaurants and many groups who provided meals.

Thank you to Point Bank for continually sponsoring our golf tournament.

Thank you to the hundreds of people who donated time and/or monies to our cause.

Thank you to Mayor Watts and our city council for speaking through their actions and not just with words, and providing us a facility to call home.

And to anyone I might have missed, thank you for helping us all to live out Monsignor King’s words to care for those without “because it’s the right thing to do”.

Now to the future plans! Work is already underway to add sprinklers and fire systems that will allow us to open this winter. A committee is hard at work drawing up plans and needs for future remodeling and expansion of the buildings.

We will keep all informed with updates on this website. Again from our entire board of directors, thank you for your support and belief in our mission.

There is much hard work ahead, but MKOC’s future and Monsignor’s hope to shelter all in need is bright.

-Roy Metzler, President


For those of you who attended the First United Methodist Church’s Alternative Gift Fair, you know what a fantastic event it was. If you missed it, there were hundreds of area organizations selling their homemade crafts and delicious homemade goodies. Numerous non-profits were there accepting donations. Among those were the Denton Community Health Clinic, Our Daily Bread, Giving Hope, Inc., and of course the Monsignor King Outreach Center. We wererepresented well by volunteers, Dave Mays, Cathy Brown, Betty Kay, Rose Burke, Debbie Millican, Maisie Kaskha and her husband Jim Wineski. I have to say, Dave Mays was our savior on Saturday. After working his shift on Friday night, he manned our booth for a good part of the day on Saturday due to some no-shows. We are very fortunate to have Dave as a Board Member and ever-present volunteer. I do not have the total of our donations but it is estimated to be about $1,500 or $1,600. This is not including our most significant donation from ten-year old, Jarin Bernal. After studying the pictures of the homeless displayed in our booth, you could tell he was very moved by the pictures of the less fortunate. He reached into his pocket and handed me all the money he had…51¢. Thank you Jarin!!!

Things are starting to happen at the shelter. The City of Denton brought in crews to remove and replace the asbestos flooring in the kitchen area of building #2. Before they could begin, we had to move our furnishings, supplies and bedding. Many thanks to these selfless souls for providing the muscle: Roy Metzler and his two sons, Janell Trachta, Jim Wineski, James Kaskha and Rose Burke. Of course I was there but not too sure how much I contributed unless you count the rat that that I unearthed while moving some bedding. I have no idea who was more startled me or the rat. By the way, I have added hiring an exterminator to the list of things to do before we open this winter.

The most exciting news we have received is that the CoServ Charitable Foundation Board of Directors have approved a $30,000 grant to support the installation of a fire suppression alarm system for our new (new to us) shelter. We can’t thank them enough!

Betty Kay
Executive Director